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Jack Latchinian

Jack Latchinian

Western Region Manager

自2008年以来,Jack Latchinian直接参与了光学表面计量,并于2013年加入4D技术作为西部地区经理。188bet金宝搏手机网页

Jack graduated from the University of La Verne in 1992 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Optical Engineering. He started working for Physical Optics Corporation in Torrance, CA, in 1993 as an optical engineer, working in holography and later with the production of Light Shaping Diffusers. After Physical Optics, Jack worked for Melles Griot (Photonics Group in Irvine, CA), transitioning responsibilities to Sales and Marketing and becoming a Regional Sales Manager for the Photonics Group. He has also worked for ADC Telecom (St. Paul, MN), Optoplex Corporation (Fremont, CA), Auxora (Baldwin Park, CA), MEMS Optical (Huntsville, AL), and Zygo Corporation (Middlefield, CT).


Greg Maksinchuk.

Greg Maksinchuk.


Greg Maksinchuk.has worked in optical metrology for over 20 years, with expertise in both large aperture and surface profiling metrology systems. He started his career in optics at WYKO Corporation, staying with the organization for 15 years as it transitioned to Veeco Metrology and later Bruker Nano-Sciences.


Greg received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Arizona University in 1994.




John Swienton于2018年9月加入了4188bet金宝搏手机网页D技术作为东海岸地区经理。

John has over 28 years of experience in optics, lasers, and optical fiber industries. His work started while completing an Optical Engineering degree from University Of La Verne in 1992. John worked for some of the biggest names in optics, including Omnichrome, MetroLaser, Newport Corporation, Trumpf, Melles Griot, Exfo and JDSU/Viavi. John has deep experience in assembly and test, engineering, applications, and training, which assisted him in his 20 years in sales, helping both technicians and CEOs.

RJ Mattern

RJ Mattern


RJ Mattern joined 4D Technology with more than 14+ years of experience in optics and interferometry. Having served in Technical Sales, Business Development, and Applications Engineering roles for worldwide organizations, RJ leverages his industry experience and technical background to help customers overcome metrology hurdles. RJ holds degrees in Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology from Michigan State University.

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown

4D InSpec Asia and Western US Region Manager

Jeff Brown为整个行业的生产,故障分析和研发提供了22年的现场应188bet娱乐平台用,销售和服务体验,在各种行业中使用。188bet金宝搏亚洲体育与真人在2017年加入4D技术之前,他是188bet金188bet娱乐平台;宝搏手机网页Taylor Hobson(2007-2016),Olympus Industrial Microscopes(2005-2007)和Wyko Corp(1995-2007)的区域申请经理。Jeff在各种光学非接触和基于接触仪器的销售,操作,培训和维修方面提供直接现场经验,用于表征表面缺陷,粗糙度,波纹和形式。杰夫于1994年获得亚利桑那大学的光学工程学士学位。

Stephen Martinek.

Stephen Martinek.

Director of Sales and Marketing

Steve Martinek brings to 4D Technology over thirty years experience in optical engineering, surface metrology, product development and marketing.

He joins the company following 15 years with WYKO Corporation (now a subsidiary of Bruker, Inc.) where his responsibilities included product management for various interferometer systems, applications and product development, manager of technical and customer service, and sales and marketing. While he served there as VP of International Sales, Steve managed a network of 16 distributors in 25 countries. Prior to WYKO, he was employed by the TRW Space and Technology Group, and by Pacific Sierra Research, performing optical systems tests and analysis.

Steve received degrees in Physics (BS – 1973, MS-1975) from the University of Illinois and an MS (1980) in Optics from the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona.




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