High resolution dynamic Twyman-Green laser interferometer

灵活,振动不敏感,4MP PhaseCam 6110。

A high resolution 4MP sensor in an easy-to-position, fiber-coupled measurement head, plus motorized controls, the incredibly small PhaseCam 6110 is ideal for long path measurements, remote mounting in measurement towers or pressure vessels, and other challenging test setups.

相位凸轮6110 Description

相位凸轮®6110 is a compact and lightweight dynamic laser interferometer. Vibration-immune and only 13 inches in length, the PhaseCam 6110 features a high resolution 4MP imaging sensor, 633 nm wavelength and motorized controls, making it ideal for use in applications such as measuring large telescope optics, long path measurements, remote mounting in measurement towers or pressure vessels, and noisy or vibration-rich environments.

相位凸轮6110 dynamic laser interferometer incorporates a high-speed optical phase sensor that makes wavefront measurements in as little as 30 microseconds—over 5000 times faster than a phase shifting interferometer. Such short acquisition time means the PhaseCam can be used in the noisiest environments, without vibration isolation or turbulence control. Applications include measurement of large, focal optical systems such as concave telescope mirrors and lens systems, as well as deformable mirrors and adaptive optics.

Numerous accessories and options are available including a 5-axis mount, low-reflectivity diverging lenses and beam expanders. A high-power 532nm external source for ESPI (Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry) is also available.

相位凸轮6110 replaces the PhaseCam 6100.

Demonstration of Measuring Large Optics Easily

This 4 minute video shows how easy it is to measure large optics using dynamic interferometers that are light, small and easy to align.

Vibration insensitive

30 microsecond data acquisition time

4 MP Sensor

High resolution camera ensures maximum spatial data

Compact and Lightweight



Highly developed data analysis software and controlling computer provided

What to expect

PhaseCam 6110工作波长633nm,是一种小口径表面测量和波前透射测量干涉仪。

With super-fast acquisition times, it’s ideal for long optical-path measurement of large focal systems, as well as deformable mirrors and adaptive optics. It’s highly popular in measuring concave telescopes mirrors and lens systems. It’s also great for testing small aperture afocal components like flat mirrors and collimators.

  • Meter-class telescopes
  • 光学元件的质量验证
  • Vacuum and environmental chamber tests
  • Production floor quality control

  1. 干涉仪
  2. 用于测量和分析结果的高级软件
  3. Complete computer system
  4. 连接电缆和电源。

Accessories include:

  • Multi-axis mounting and aligning the mainframe
  • 光学支架
  • 参考光学元件
  • Diverging lenses for varying the beam shape
  • 电子散斑干涉术(ESPI)的高功率源

4Sight Focus Data Acquisition and Analysis Software4Sight Focus波前分析软件具有用户友好的界面,具有无与伦比的简单性、分析功能和图形显示。


Data analysis functions such as Zernike, Seidel, geometric and diffraction analysis are easy to perform.



analysis software

相位凸轮and telescope optics

Check out our application page on telescope optics.


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