AccuFiz高分辨率Laser Interferometer

6 MP resolution to measure aspheres and steep slopes.

The highest available resolution for measuring steep slopes, aspheric surfaces and small diameter optics.


AccuFiz 6MP Laser Interferometer Description

The AccuFiz 6MP laser interferometer provides the highest available resolution for measuring steep slopes, aspheric surfaces and small diameter optics. Its 2400 x 2400 pixel sensor doubles the measurable spatial frequency range and quadruples the sampling capability of standard Fizeau interferometers. The added resolution makes it possible to measure surface shape earlier in the manufacturing process and to capture polishing marks despite high fringe counts. Measure spherical/aspherical optics and molds with unprecedented accuracy. Use the AccuFiz 6MP’s high pixel density and optional High Power Alignment Laser for accurate measurement of smaller optics.

A range of laser sources, aperture sizes,mounting components和accessories provides flexibility for a wide range of applications and budgets. Optional dynamic mode lets you measure despite vibration and air turbulence, without an air table.

Fizeau inteferometer remot control

Remote Control

Control the AccuFiz Fizeau interferometer with a touch screen device.

dynamic Fizeau interferometer uses the polarization of light to measure all data simultaneously

Vibration insensitive

Optional Dynamic Interferometry for measurement on the shop floor or in a clean room, despite vibration, without isolation.

Fizeau interferometer mounts and optics

Full range of options and accessories

Designed for flexibility, the AccuFiz family includes a range of laser sources, aperture sizes, mounting components and accessories.

Fizeau interferometer extended source

Adjustable Extended Source


Horizontal Mount

Vibration-free operation does not require an air table.

Vertical Mount

Stands are available for look-down and look-up operation.


Optimized optical trains for 4 inch or 6 inch apertures.

What to expect

The AccuFiz 6MP operates at visible (632.8nm) wavelength. Apertures of 100 mm (4 in) and 150 mm (6 in) are available. The stabilized sources provide higher power and a longer coherence length which does not drift with temperature, simplifying long-cavity measurements.

AccuFiz Model Stabilized Laser Wavelength Camera 扩展源 Aperture 光学变焦
H100S Yes 633 nm 6MP,12位 Yes 100 mm
H150S Yes 633 nm 6MP,12位 Yes 150 mm

The AccuFiz 6MP is sold as a turnkey interferometric system:

  1. 干涉仪
  2. 用于测量和分析结果的高级软件
  3. Complete computer system
  4. 连接电缆和电源

Accessories can include:

  • 光学支架
  • 参考光学元件(平面或球体)
  • Linear table guides
  • Stands for horizontal, look-down or look-up mounting

4视线™ 波前分析软件,包括每个AccuFiz,具有良好的易用性和短的学习曲线。2D和3D显示、过滤、阈值和遮罩工具使高亮显示表面形状和纹理变得容易。Zernike、Seidel、几何和衍射分析易于执行。全面的数据共享功能使您能够读取、写入、保存和打印多种常用文件格式的数据,以便在仪器之间进行比较。

  • Adjustable Extended Source
  • Surface Isolation Source
  • 动态干涉模式
  • 光学变焦
  • Radius of Curvature


analysis software

Fizeaus and optical production

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